About Me

My name is Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt. I am a Board-certified genealogist(SM) specializing in Massachusetts. My specialties include determining the place of origin of immigrants to Massachusetts (right back to the Mayflower), and forensic genealogy including military repatriation cases, dual citizenship, probate/heir-searches. My research often takes me into the rest of New England, New York, Eastern Canada, and the British Isles.

I majored in French in college and lived in Italy for four years, so I speak both languages. My reading and writing skills are much better than speaking now, a certain amount of time having passed since the days when I was fluent in both! I can also navigate fairly well in Spanish and Portuguese documents.

My most recent volunteer appointment was to the Board of Assistants of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants.  I am currently a Director for the Federation of Genealogical Societies and I edit the monthly FGS Voice Newsletter. I am past president of the Massachusetts Genealogical Council and still heavily involved with them. I am also past president of the New England Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists and involved with them as well.

 I live in Central Massachusetts with my husband and our three sons, though they are starting to leave the nest now. All five of us have dual citizenship. My hobbies vary from knitting to collecting blue and white English Staffordshire transferware ceramics, to singing in the Worcester Chorus.

For information about my professional services please visit my website at www.kimmittgenealogy.com.