30 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Unknown Wedding Group Including Mr. & Mrs Barnes

My mother's collection of photographs contained this gem, but I do not know who the people are, with the exception of "Mr. & Mrs. Barnes." Can anyone help?


Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt said...
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Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt said...

OMG! I found the picture and here's what it says on the back! We're no further along than we were before.

"The first is Howard-
Bill & Myself ––
Clarkson & Pauline
Mr. & Mrs. Barnes
and the Bridesmaid
is Clarkson sister
and little Joan
Rutherford and from
Kingston Ont
my sister girl . I
was glad you sent
your address as
I could not find
it any place.
By By"

Great. Does this help anyone??

Nancy said...

Hi, I just gave you a Happy 101 Award. Go to My Ancestors and Me at www.nancysfamilyhistoryblog.blogspot.com to learn more about it.

Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt said...

Thank you, Nancy! Your blog kind of reminds me of mine a little. I like it! I'm in Salt Lake City right now and can't afford to take a minute away from research, but as soon as I get home I promise to continue the awarding.