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30 December 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Unknown Wedding Group Including Mr. & Mrs Barnes

My mother's collection of photographs contained this gem, but I do not know who the people are, with the exception of "Mr. & Mrs. Barnes." Can anyone help?


Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt said...
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Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt said...

OMG! I found the picture and here's what it says on the back! We're no further along than we were before.

"The first is Howard-
Bill & Myself ––
Clarkson & Pauline
Mr. & Mrs. Barnes
and the Bridesmaid
is Clarkson sister
and little Joan
Rutherford and from
Kingston Ont
my sister girl . I
was glad you sent
your address as
I could not find
it any place.
By By"

Great. Does this help anyone??

Nancy said...

Hi, I just gave you a Happy 101 Award. Go to My Ancestors and Me at to learn more about it.

Polly FitzGerald Kimmitt said...

Thank you, Nancy! Your blog kind of reminds me of mine a little. I like it! I'm in Salt Lake City right now and can't afford to take a minute away from research, but as soon as I get home I promise to continue the awarding.