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05 June 2011

This is the Face of Genealogy

William Otis Humphrey Barnes
16 May 1886 - 16 June 1942
Congratulations to all of the GeneaBlogger community on their quick response to Thomas MacEntee's call to action ( in which he asks bloggers to post a favorite photo of an ancestor with the title "This Is The Face of Genealogy." This in response to an utterly tasteless photo accompanying a short article about the Southern California Jamboree in the online version of the LA Weekly. To their credit, the newspaper quickly changed the photo after lots of criticism from the genealogy blogging community. You can read the amended article at .

Here is my late but heartfelt contribution-- a photo scanned by my Aunt Abbie of her father, my grandfather, William Otis Humphrey Barnes. He died before I was born, but everyone only has nice things to say about him and I've always been sorry I wasn't able to know him.


TCasteel said...

Thomas had a great idea and we all responded. It is a wonderful group!
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Diana Ritchie said...

Great photo - he has a look on his face that seems to be welcoming somehow. I can't quite describe it - but he looks like someone you would want to know. Thanks for sharing.