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10 February 2011

Honeymoon in the Philippine Islands

Today I was going through microfilmed marriage certificates from the Philippines. It was slow going since each certificate had a whole page to itself, not like scanning an index (no index!) or register, even. So I paged through, one at a time, in search of the marriage of a young solider named Perez. I noticed that some of the names are creative and evocative of character traits, so I got to thinking how each of these grooms would behave on his honeymoon. Then I just made up a story where they were all the same guy.

Consider the blushing groom as he signs his marriage contract. He is so in love with his bride-to-be and ready to:

Mr. Go Go

The wedding reception is a little wild. Feeling on top of the world, he enjoys the festivities, indulging in food and wine perhaps a bit too much.
Mr. Dionisio Green

All that wine takes its toll. Though he tries his best, the wedding night doesn't quite meet the bride's expectations.
Mr. Imprescion Ordinario

It's so bad, in fact, that she gets a fit of the giggles.
Mr. Pedro Hilario

He doesn't take it well.
Mr. Severino Defuntorum

See where your mind can go when you're cranking microfilm all day?

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