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03 August 2010

Sarah and Ann Drury, Mountain View Cemetery, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts

Here lies the body of Ann Drury

Here lies the body of Sarah Drury

Ann and Sarah were twin daughters of Daniel and Sarah Drury. Their births on 23 November 1738 are listed in the published Vital Records of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts to 1850. Their deaths are also: Ann died 30 June 1740 and Sarah died 20 July 1730. Daniel and Sarah went on to have many more children, but this must have been very painful to bear. No cause of death is found in either the vital records of Shrewsbury or in Andrew Ward's History of Shrewsbury.

Despite the closeness in time of their deaths, their gravestones seem to be of different kinds of stone. The carver is the same. Note that his N's are backwards! I love how the stones lean towards each other, as if trying to console one another. Also, the large, primitive letters, just like those a child would write, and the damage, giving the impression of something unfinished.

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Dale said...

My maternal grandmother was Ruth Elizabeth Drury. Ann and Sarah Drury were my 1st cousins 7 times removed through their grandparents Caleb Drury and Elizabeth Eames. Also, 2nd cousins 7 times removed through John Eames, and 4th cousins 6 times removed through Deacon Edmund Rice. I'll have to go visit this cemetery.
Dale Gunn