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11 August 2010

Wordless Wednesday - FitzGeralds

 Taken on the occasion of Patrick and Annie's 50th wedding anniversary, probably in Arlington, Mass. They were married in Boston on 6 September 1896. Their oldest child, Mary, is not pictured.

Left to right:
James Edmund "Jim" FitzGerald  [my father]
(1 August 1910 – 25 May 1988)

Phillip Francis "Frank" FitzGerald
(13 August 1906 – 20 April 1963)

Julia Theresa "Theresa" (FitzGerald) Murphy Bradshaw
(6 February 1902 – 11 May 1963)

Annie Josephine (O'Sullivan) FitzGerald
(18 December 1869 – 2 August 1949)

Patrick John FitzGerald
(21 March 1867 – 21 August 1949)

John Joseph "Jack" FitzGerald
(5 July 1899 – 11 September 1988)

Stories to come, in another post. One thing to note, since their dates are here is that they seemed to die in twos. Patrick and Annie died within three weeks of one another. Frank and Theresa died within three weeks of one another and Jim and Jack died a bit more than three months apart, and my wedding was sandwiched in between their deaths.

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Ginger Smith said...

That does seem a bit eerie that they died in twos. But on the contrary maybe not so bad because then one did not have to be without the other for very long.