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16 May 2012

Isaac Stone's Paternal Ancestry

Continued from Sensible of His Own Vileness: The Battle for Isaac Stone's Immortal Soul, posted 11 May 2012*

Isaac traces his paternal ancestry back to early Cambridge, Massachusetts.

p. 3 (half of page: image in previous post)

My Grandfather's Father, Nathanael
was the Son of John Stone, an Elder in the
church in Cambridge, N. E. Probably, while
Mr. Shepard, Mr. Mitchel + President Oakes mi-
nistered there. Likely, his gravestones [sic, that would be a headstone and footstone] are yet
legible, in the burying ground, near the Col-
lege. GrandF Stone's [^Mother's] maiden Name was Waite,
Elder Stone + his son Nathanael lived to

p. 4
be old: the elder had two brothers settle at Lex-
ington, then Cambridge Village.
   My GrandMother Elizabeth Stone was born
Nov. 1696 - died 1792. - aged more than 95 years:
In Shrewsbury. In her prime she was a
prudent, resolute, sensible woman + a tender
mother. Her father was Mr. Brown of Sud-
bury: her mother Miss Abigail Haynes: Mr.
Brown's Grandfather came out of England:
his wife's Grandfather Hayes came in the
same ship. Each had a son with him, who mar-
ried to two young women who came in the
same ship. These two couples were the parents
of Mr. Brown + his wife; grandparents to
My Gr.Mother Elis. Stone.
   I affectionately remember my dear Mother,
+ her relations. Her father [^Luke Rice] was born at Marlboro' Mas.
Nov. 30 1689. Died suddenly, June 8, 1754:
in Shrews. age 64 + 6 mo.- was reputable,
Town clerk + c. Her mother, Rachel Rice
was born at Marlboro' Feb. 14 [old stile] 1690. Died at
Shrews. Feb. 12. 1780. N. Stile. age 90. Maiden name
Stow: her mother's maiden Name Stone.
Her sisters Azuibah Baker, died while her children
were young. Dinah Eager died since my mo-
ther; Her brother Hezekiah some years
before. Lydia died [^young]. My Aunts, Abigail May-
nard, Priscilla How + Sarah –. Survive.

Continued in "I Call to Mind My Parent Dear": Isaac Stone's Tribute to His Mother.

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