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21 November 2009

World War I Honor Roll, Shrewsbury, MA

The First Congregational Church in Shrewsbury has a "Book of Remembrance." It is a large volume that was created in 1956 and presented to the church by Elsie G. Cook. The occasion for this was a large building project, including the erection of a three-story addition which added a chapel, parlor, kitchen, offices and classrooms. The minister at that time was Rev. Robert Merrill Bartlett, D. D. Minister. Having just stumbled upon a transcription it that I did in 2004, I realized it's useless just sitting in my computer, hence my post. Mostly it's lists: of renovations to the church, of ministers, of legacies, of veterans of three wars, and of gifts, ranging from early gifts of silver up to gifts given in 1982.

One list is of soldiers who served in World War I from Shrewsbury. Though it is not an original source it is useful to use for comparison.  Since the Shrewsbury World War I memorial is now practically crumbling, the VFW and the Town have agreed to rebuild it, and are about to start solliciting donations. The memorial lists the eight men who died, whereas these are probably either all Shrewsbury men, or church members who served.  If I get a break with client work, I'll look into this, especially the one woman mentioned, Ruth Sieurin.

Honor Roll – World War I
  • Edward S. Ross
  • Raymond Stone*
  • W. Steward Paul
  • Henry O. Eaton
  • R. Lisle Marston
  • Robert E. Marston
  • Oke Sieurin
  • Albert J. Daniels
  • Harold Daniels
  • Herbert H. Gates
  • Herbert M. Bartlett
  • Carl F. Vaughan
  • James Schouler
  • Malcolm C. Midgley
  • Harry E. Gray
  • Harlow A. Shepard
  • Everett E. Winch
  • Irving E. Clapp
  • John A. Boyce
  • Alf E. Sieurin
  • Ward G. Keegan
  • Bernard N. Knowlton
  • Bruno P. Haas
  • Wells E. Daniels
  • Bryon Stone*
  • William L. Keddie
  • Everett C. Woodard
  • Ralph E. Christie
  • Harris G. Field
  • Rockwood F. Reed
  • Ralph B. McKenzie
  • Ruth Sieurin
  • Ernest Bisson
  • Philip H. Prouty
  • Frederick L. Stone
  • Jay R. A. Morton
  • Clarence A. Crooker
  • Clarence E. Dunn
  • John MacDuff
  • Charles F. Abbott
  • Whitney Hastings
  • F. Harold Holland
  • Henry Vaughan
  • Carlton R. Dean
  • Harold W. Green
Rest in Peace, Soldiers.

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